Bender Ball

Leslee Bender’s Selective Stabilization method gets your muscles working at the highest intensity, targeting the muscles across your core. With the Bender Ball, every move you make sculpts your abs perfectly.

The Ball is easy to use and is definitely an effective exercise device for abdominal training.

Since I have had a bad back for the past 10 years .. I was also pleased to find that the ball has been very helpful in strengthening my back.

The Bender Ball comes with videos, which are a good instructional tool .. and compared to most other exercise and fitness equipment devices, this choice is extremely affordable!

If you have other exercise videos and/or practice pilates, you will find a multitude of uses for your Bender Ball with all sorts of other exercise methods as well.

Obviously, as with most other exercise devices, you will need to add additional exercises to your workout if you wish to target and tone other specific areas of the body.

Considering the results .. compared with ease of use and price paid .. I would say Bender Ball is definitely a must have!



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Bender Ball