Are We Conditioned to Fail at Dieting?

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of very different and very eye-catching diets around the world as more and more people look to improve their health, their diet and their lifestyles. However, are we conditioned at a very early age to fail at dieting and other matters? The Human Mind: When you think about it, [...]

Health Insurance and Your Weight Loss Program

Your Health Insurance May Cover Your Weight Loss Program If you are not sure whether you can get coverage on weight loss programs through a health policy, you should talk to an insurance agent regarding this. Before you buy any health insurance policy.. and if you have health issues relating to your weight, you should be sure [...]

6 Nutrition Steps to Lose Fat Fast

As you must know, there are so many ‘rules’ and guidelines on what to eat to lose weight, and so much conflicting information. It can definitely be difficult to figure out what really works and which methods are leading you down the wrong path. I think it’s time to sort this out once and for [...]

New Drug Shows Promise in Killing Fat Cells

New Drug that Kills Fat Cells Proves Successful in Monkeys Have you ever wished for a diet pill that would just burn all your fat away?  A team at the University of Texas has created a drug that does just that – an all new type of diet pill, one that targets the fat cell [...]

Women’s Fitness Holiday Fat Burn

15-Minute Fitness Routine: During the holiday season people will come up with all kinds of excuses of why they cannot continue their fitness regimen, especially busy moms. Moms have all the best excuses why they cannot exercise during this time of the year: I don’t have time to exercise because my kids are on winter break I have too [...]

A Guide to Succeed on Any Healthy Eating Plan

Steps for Success: Diets are difficult. They are difficult to live by day in and day out. The weight is difficult to keep off once you have hit your goal. Diets don’t work. However, you can choose an eating plan that changes your behaviors and becomes a lifestyle. This too is difficult in the initial [...]

Losing Weight Made Simple

Can it Really be Simple? If you were to research all the different diet programs that are on the market, they all follow a basic principle, eat less and move more. Just look at all of the different trends that have graced us with their presence and how they tend to come back, just like [...]

Low Carb Snack Ideas

There is no doubt about it: low carb diets are effective and easy to follow compared to other diet plans. There is no need to count calories and there is a wide range of foods for you to enjoy which reduces your cravings for sugary and starchy foods at the same time. However, one problem [...]

Natural Weight Loss Diet Plans

Many people fail to understand there are certain things they need to avoid in their mission to lose weight. After trying several things they simply give up, and believe that it’s far too difficult to lose weight, so they don’t try anything more. Nothing is further from the truth. There are certain principles for each [...]

Healthy Diet Plans – How To Spot Them

There are numerous types of diet plans that one can follow in an effort to lose weight. However, not all these diet plans are completely healthy. Some diet plans consist of only a liquid diet or only one type of food. Many of the fad diet plans do not provide the body with the required [...]