Weight Watchers

Weight WatchersWeight Watchers is one of the better choices in this industry full of pill pushers and an inordinate number of so called ”experts”. The Weight Watchers Points System is an extremely effective way of teaching portion control. At  the same time dieters are able to learn the nutritional value of certain foods.

Weight Watchers developed the “four pillars of healthy weight loss” based on years of scientific research and analysis.  Their 45 years of experience helping people lose weight has taught us that each of the elements is equally important.

How Does Weight Watchers work?

Weight Watchers promotes a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet, to encourage weight loss. The program consists of two different diet programs. You can switch between the two programs at any time.

The Points Plan allows you to eat and drink whatever you like .. so long as you stick to your daily allowance of Points.

The Core Plan allows you to eat from a set list of ‘Core’ foods. There’s no limit on quantity of the core foods and you also have a weekly allowance of Points for treats.

More About the Weight Watchers Points System:

Every food and drink has a Points value. Points are calculated according to the calorie and saturated fat content of the foods and the portion sizes. However, the exact formula used is a closely guarded secret by Weight Watchers. As a guideline though, the more calories a product contains, the higher its Points value. With the Point system, you simply add up the Points values of the foods you eat and drink in a day and make sure you don’t go over your daily Points allowance.

How Do I Know How Many Points I am Allowed?

You will be advised of this at your first meeting. If you choose to become an online member of Weight Watchers, you’ll be advised of the number of Points you are allowed each day after entering your personal details. Your daily Points allowance is based on your height, weight, gender, age and level of activity during the day.

How Do I Know How Many Points There Are in a Food?

Materials handed out at meetings when you first join contain the basic food lists. When you attend weekly meetings you will receive free Points finders to help you calculate the Points from food using calories and saturated fat details.

Members can also buy a Points calculator and/or a Shopping Guide with the Points values for branded and supermarket foods. Weight Watchers on line members and members who attend weekly meetings are also signed up for Internet support and have online access to a database that includes the Point values for almost 30,000 foods as well as a Points calculator.



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