15 Minutes of Swimming a Day to Lose Weight

Swimming for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be hard, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Having a daily routine or program is essential to your success. Adding swimming as part of your weight loss program can be the key to successful and permanent weight loss.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, as It’s low impact, so it won’t put stress on your joints, and it can be done in any body of water. It is an incredible cardio workout that can help you to burn up almost 1,000 calories per hour depending on what stroke you’re doing.

Are you overweight and looking for a way to lose weight? Do you believe swimming is the best form of exercise? If you do, I want to share with you my story; how swimming helped me a lot to burn my excess fat. I was overweight and I needed to lose weight fast. I decided to join a swimming class.

If you swim for 30 minutes every day, you can lose weight faster than if you do any other form of exercise. The reason swimming is so effective is that it uses all of the major muscle groups in your body. As you swim, you use your arms and legs to push against the water and move forward. This helps burn calories quickly.

Swimming also builds endurance because it requires you to constantly use different muscles for a long period of time.

If you decide you want to get a membership to a gym to improve your overall body fitness you should consider getting some comfortable gym outfits in order to make your workout more comfortable and easygoing.

Reasons to Incorporate Swimming Into Your Fitness Routine:

Swimming is a vigorous form of exercise which is often practiced by triathletes, water polo players, and competitive swimmers alike. If you haven’t tried swimming before, you must give it a try because the mental and physical benefits of swimming are numerous. Here’s a look at some of the mind-blowing benefits of swimming and why you should give it a shot.

Overcome stress by swimming:

One of the best ways to relieve stress is by immersing yourself in water. Swimming is a sport that creates an instant sense of calm, away from all the stresses of everyday life. It allows you to enjoy a few hours away from your problems, or at least take your mind off them for a while.

You can really start to relax when you’re swimming, which is one of the benefits of swimming that you’ll love. You can start by swimming laps, or try something new like snorkeling or scuba diving. The water will keep you cool while helping you relax and enjoy yourself.

Improved cardiovascular fitness with swimming:

Swimming is an exercise that you can do at any age and of varying intensity. It has been shown by multiple studies to be highly effective in helping you to improve your health as well as fitness level.

Improve your stamina by swimming:

Improving stamina and endurance seems to be a challenge for many athletes. If you are serious about improving your stamina and endurance, then give swimming a try. There are so many amazing benefits to be had. Before you know it, you will find that you have increased stamina and endurance which will surely turn your life around if you stick with it long enough.

As I explained before, if you want to incorporate any exercise into your routine, you should invest in lightweight and stretchable gym attire that is made with high-quality materials.

*Check some tips, suggestions and reviews of the most popular gym attire and workout clothing.

5 Minutes of Swimming Helps You to Reduce Weight:

If you don’t have much time for going to the gym, you can do swimming as it takes just 15 minutes of daily swimming to improve your overall health. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with swimming lessons as they will help you learn the proper techniques.

Along with that, swimming is an excellent exercise to burn fat and get a lean body. It is a full-body workout that uses your arms, legs, and core to move you through the water. The more efficiently you can swim, the better your body will burn calories.

Swimming also provides resistance for every stroke, which also helps you to lose weight by building muscle, which increases your metabolism. By increasing your metabolism, you burn more calories throughout the day. So, if you want to shed extra kilos and want to get in good shape then you must perform fifteen minutes of swimming daily.

How Many Calories Can You Burn by Swimming?

One of the most popular questions is, how many calories can you burn by swimming every day if you want to reduce weight? The answer depends on the speed and your body weight.

According to the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 4th Edition: 1 mile swimming in still water is equivalent to walking 4.8 miles in a 30-minute time period. This means you can burn as many calories by swimming as you can by walking. Here is an adult set of daily calorie requirements, to be burned in minutes:

* Men: 2,500 calories per day (equivalent to 1.25 miles swimming).
* Women: 2,000 calories per day (equivalent to 1 mile swimming).

Adding Other Exercises Helps You Achieve Better Results:

The beginning swimmer should engage in a variety of activities. They should not be focused just on swimming longer distances or doing laps. A great mix of swimming and other exercises will help you to achieve better results.

Unfortunately, most swimmers tend to focus on swimming as much as possible without incorporating other workouts into their routines.

By doing this you neglect to burn enough calories relative to the aerobic demands in your muscles and end up neither losing weight nor gaining muscle (also known as “Optimizing Fitness, Body Composition, and Performance” according to the American College of Sports Medicine).

So in order to maximize the calories, you burn and reduce your body fat percentage, include other forms of exercise such as biking, running, or weight lifting in your workout routine to get your body in good shape.

Bottom Line:

Swimming has been believed as an important part of weight loss routines. An average of 15 minutes of swimming every day will make you lose a lot of fat, so why not start fifteen minutes of daily swimming today?

All you need to have is the swimming costume, towel, goggles, robe as well as swimming cap and you are good to go!

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