Best Weight Loss Diets

Best Weight Loss Diets

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The Best Weight Loss Diet Plans

Finding the best of all weight loss diets can be a tough quest, especially if you were to listen to all the so called expert advice of people trying to have you buy in to their latest diet.

If you start comparing one diet to the next, you might even find weight loss diets that completely contradict each other, yet both have a large group of followers.. swearing that the diet they use is the best.

Best Weight Loss Diets – More Meals or Less Meals?

Just a few examples.. some diets will go into depth explaining why you should eat several small portions a day and even have up to 6 meals daily, while other diets will bring up all sorts of scientific studies that supposedly prove that people who eat more than 3 meals a day have a higher risk of consuming more calories.

Then there are many discussions about whether or not to use dairy during your diet, and if you are recommended to include it, it all depends on the kind of weight loss diets as to whether the dairy should be low fat, skimmed or you are only allowed to use full fat dairy, for whatever reason which will of course be supported by a whole line of other studies.

So how are you to know if the diet plan you are planning to follow is actually one of the healthy weight loss diets that is going to be most effective in your particular case?

Instead of giving you the names of particular diets that you could follow safely, it is probably better to give a few basic guidelines that a good diet plan consists of. You are probably ok if you choose a diet plan that focuses on a few of the following issues:

  • The weight loss diet plan should focus on the long-term result, promoting slow and steady weight loss and not claim a quick solution that will help you lose 10 pounds a week without any effort.
  • It must be a realistic plan that you know you can live with and have no problem implementing into your life.
  • It should focus on a healthy lifestyle as such, and not just be a diet.
  • Healthy weight loss plans consist of a good variety of leafy vegetables on the menu, which should really be the bulk of your diet, plus a good amount of healthy proteins, in order to support your muscle tissue.
  • Ideally, you should not feel like you are on a weight loss plan, but actually making changes and replacing your old bad habits with healthy new ones.
  • The healthiest way of losing weight should also include exercise, especially resistance training to strengthen your muscles. The exercise should form part of your healthy new lifestyle.
  • There should be a focus on natural and fresh foods without additives, and you really should not be including powders and shakes.

Fresh, all natural foods are always the best choice whether you are trying to lose weight or simply wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you go to the grocery store.. shop around the outer walls of the store. This is where the fresh and healthy foods are located. Forget all the packaged foods in the main aisles of the grocery store. Any nutrients these foods may have had at one time have been processed out of them.

As you can see, these guidelines are based on common sense, which is exactly what you should use when picking out any weight loss diet plans to lose weight. After all, you want the weight loss to be permanent, right?

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