Weight Loss Diet Tips

In my quest to lose weight I have found the following to be helpful:

  • Use Smart Balance Non-Fat Milk

If you use milk in your coffee like I do .. or you enjoy cereal for breakfast .. try Smart Balance non-fat milk instead of 2% milk.  At first I was hesitant to try it .. I was afraid it might be another of those bluish non-fat milks that tastes all watery… Much to my surprise .. it actually tastes just like the 2% milk I had previously been using.  It’s a great alternative .. try it !

  • Eat Fruit and/or Veggies at Every Meal

I love grapefruit so I have one almost every morning for breakfast.  Once in a while I change it up and have some honeydew melon or berries with some Dannon non-fat plain yogurt.  That plus my cup of coffee with Smart Balance non-fat milk and I’m good to go.

For lunch and dinner .. make sure at least half of each meal is comprised of fruit and/or veggies.  Eating a salad and drinking water with your meals is always a good idea.  Have a nice big salad before the meal and drink some of your water .. by the time you get to the main entree you will eat less.

For dessert .. or for an occasional treat .. see my page on Vitalicious products.  Vitalicious vita brownies have only 100 calories each and will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Another one of my favorite desserts is the new Haagen Dazs single serve cups.  The raspberry sorbet has 110 calories with 0 fat and 0 cholesterol.
I like the idea of the individual serving size .. that way I know I will not be tempted to eat too much.

For snacks .. munch on celery and carrot sticks .. cucumber spears and little grape tomatoes .. or some frozen red grapes.  I divide my grapes into snack size portions and put them in small Hefty freezer bags.  They keep longer in the freezer .. and you can just pull out a bag whenever you get the urge to snack.

  • Use Mustard Instead of Mayonnaise

Bread is not a good thing when you are trying to lose weight .. but occasionally I am just in the mood for a sandwich.  Since you will be getting calories from the bread .. you really don’t need the additional fat and calories from using mayonnaise.  Even the light mayo has some fat and calories, whereas mustard has zero, zip, nada .. absolutely no fat and no calories.  It may take a little getting used to .. but it will be worth it.

It totally works with turkey .. but, if you don’t care for your roast beef sandwiches with mustard .. try mixing about 1/3 to 1/2 low fat mayo with the mustard.  At least that way you will still be cutting the calories somewhat.

  • Cut Out All the Sugary Drinks

Giving up my Coke was a toughie for me.  I really don’t like the taste of diet soda .. and besides, all of those drinks that are artificially sweetened use chemical additives that are much worse for you than sugar.  Both Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi contain the artificial sweetener aspartame.  Have you ever Googled “aspartame side effects” .. really scary stuff !

However, there are now several stevia products available for use in your coffee or tea. A lot of bottled drinks are now available as well, which contain stevia instead of the artificial chemical sweeteners.

Stevia is not an artificial chemical sweetener .. it is a natural sweetener made from the Stevia plant.  You can buy Truvia .. which is the Coca Cola brand, Pure Via .. the Pepsi brand, as well as several others on the market.  I don’t understand why Coke and Pepsi each have a Stevia product available .. but they don’t use it in place of aspartame to sweeten their diet sodas .. Go figure .. ??

Vitamin Water uses stevia to sweeten many of their bottled drinks.  Look for the bottles that say Zero on the label.  The lemonade flavor (gold label) is quite refreshing .. and has ZERO calories !

Another option is to water down your juice drinks.  An 8oz. glass of Cranberry juice has 130 calories and 32 grams of sugar.  You can cut that in half by mixing the cranberry juice with some sort of carbonated water.  I use Arrowhead lemon flavored sparkling water, which has 0 calories.  It gives you a deliciously refreshing carbonated cranberry drink with only half the calories and sugar you would get in drinking a glass of plain cranberry juice.

  • Speaking of Drinks

What do you like to cool off with on a hot day?  A nice cold beer .. a frozen Margarita?  Beer, wine and liquor calories can add up in a hurry !  The average 6oz. Margarita has 250 calories .. a bigger problem lies in the fact that most Margaritas are larger than 6oz.  A great alternative is Mike’s Margaritas.  They are wine Margaritas .. lower in calories .. and they are really very good.  They come in a 4-pack and you can find them at the grocery store in the refrigerated area with the wine and beer.  If you aren’t able to find them at your store .. you can check the product locator at their site to see where you can find them in your area .. Mike’s Margarita

To find out the calories in your favorite beer check here .. FindBeerCalories.com

Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum .. maybe enjoying a drink with dinner only on week-ends.




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