How Grapplers Can Build a Diet Plan to Reduce Weight

Grapplers Diet Plan

Many athletes that train jiu-jitsu are trying to lose weight and build their bodies faster in order to have a more competitive advantage. Many of them don’t know where to start or rush things, but doing so can increase the risk of being injured or having a poor eating plan.

I have been involved in the world of BJJ for most of my adult life. I first began training when I was 20 years old. From that point until the present, there has always been a growing community of grapplers, who want to find new ways to improve their performance and health.

A lot of young grapplers want to gain muscle and lose weight. Diet is an important part of this process. So, being an athlete, if you want to shred some extra pounds you have to build up a diet plan that should help you in reducing weight.

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Any grappler who competes or practices MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, or any other demanding combat sport knows that diet is a crucial factor in staying healthy and performing at our best.

To improve as a grappler, you need to give your body proper nutrition. The best way to ensure that you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs is by eating a balanced diet. But, what does that mean? How do you get the right amount of protein and calories?

As an athlete, you must ensure you are consuming the correct amount of calories to support your training. In order to reduce weight and maintain your muscle mass, you need to eat a certain number of calories.

I was amazed to see that most wrestlers consume over 2000 calories a day while trying to lose weight! I am not even sure if they try to understand the concept of weight loss and so I thought to write an article on this topic which should be helpful in understanding weight loss techniques correctly.

Balance Your Nutrition:

Balancing your nutrition is one of the first steps to achieving a leaner and more muscular body. In order to keep your body lean and muscular, you have to find the right balance between training and recovery, with proper nutrition being a very important aspect of this equation.

MMA fighters need to eat a lot of food in order to fuel their bodies with the necessary nutrients. After every training session, you should be having a meal that is high in carbohydrates and protein. This will help replenish your glycogen stores as well as repair any muscle damage that occurred during training.

Remember that while putting food on your plate you must consider the ratio of 40% protein, 25% of complex carbohydrates, and 35% fats complex carbs. Moreover, you should also consult your nutritionist if you are trying to alter your diet plans.

What Should a Grappler Eat For Breakfast To Reduce Weight?

A dietary fiber diet is a key to success! Do you want to get rid of fat and are still wondering what the grappler should be eating for breakfast to reduce weight?

Here’s peace of mind, eating a balanced and healthy diet based on the right kinds of foods requires you to make fewer changes than you think. Eating breakfast is one of the most important steps in any weight loss plan. It helps you to control your blood sugar levels and maintain your energy levels throughout the day. So, what should be your grappler’s breakfast to reduce weight? Here are some healthy and tasty choices for you.

Almonds (raw), oats, peanuts, prunes, grapefruit, apples, pears, coconut water, milk (skimmed), green tea, whole wheat bread, grapes, bananas, and honey.

What Should a Grappler Eat For Lunch To Reduce Weight?

Lunch is the best chance for us to control what can be eaten. For an athlete, it is necessary to choose more fruit and vegetable salads in your lunch, because fruits and vegetables can give muscle fiber and can not only supply enough protein but also many vitamins and minerals as well.

Besides that, it is necessary to control the amount of food, especially when eating at noon. If you feel hungry after lunch, you should eat something healthy and nutritious. For example, you can eat some fruit, yogurt, or nuts. These foods are rich in nutrients and low in calories, which will help you to maintain a healthy weight. 

What Should a Grappler Eat For Dinner To Reduce Weight?

To shed some extra pounds you should focus on getting some extra proteins with healthy fats in your dinner. Fish contains high portions of proteins, but if you don’t like to have fish in your dinner you can also eat baked chicken with herbs, and a salad with carrots on the side.

Moreover, you can also eat brown rice or noodles with some steamed vegetables (broccoli, asparagus). Also, you can eat tomatoes with roasted vegetable pasta for your dinner.

Also, as I discussed before being a grappler if you want to get the benefit from your workout sessions you need to wear high-quality and sweat-absorbent athletic wear because your workout clothes also have to do a lot with your performance.

Food That Must Be Avoided:

As a grappler, your goal is to win matches by winning points, and for that, you need to stay in good shape. Here are 5 foods that grapplers must avoid to reduce weight.

Avoid Processed Food Intake:

Many professional grapplers may tend to grapple intensely with others, but their nutrition isn’t that intense. One of the most common mistakes of a grappler is the intake of processed food. Here are some processes you need to avoid in order to get rid of the weight and skill better in your game. Processed foods are high in sugar and sodium, which can cause you to feel bloated.

Processed foods contain preservatives that can leave your body feeling tired and sluggish. Many processed foods also have a high-fat content, which will slow down your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight.


When you want to reduce weight most guys want to use alcohol as a good tool for weight loss! Have you ever heard of Matt McCullough? He is an American professional mixed martial artist who often uses alcohol before fighting. He said that alcohol helps relieve stress in his brain and also helps him fight more aggressively.

But, on the other hand, alcohol can be a very dangerous tool against weight reduction because it weakens coordination and a non-aggressive attitude (while a man is drunk). This usually leads to losing the fight and gaining more weight.


This is one of the worst foods that people can eat when they’re trying to lose weight. Candy is loaded with sugar, which will make you feel energized for a short period before making you crash and burn later on. The sugar will also make your body store more fat than it burns.

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