Keto Diet Guidelines – Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet Guidelines

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Keto Diet – How Does it Work:

Your body goes through various changes when you start this diet.  After beginning the Keto diet plan, within 24 to 48 hours, your body starts using the ketones for efficient use of energy stored in the fat cells.  In other words, the main source of energy is fat and not carbohydrates (glucose).

For this reason, it is not a problem if you eat larger quantities of food during ketosis.  This enables the body to lose weight rapidly, especially the fat.  Further, there is minimum loss of protein or muscle tissue as the major food during ketosis consists of proteins.

Even though ketosis is the foundation of the Ketogenic Diet, it does not require that it be followed for a long period of time.  You can continue this diet until the weight of the body is a little more than the desired weight.  Then, you can introduce foods with higher amounts of carbohydrates like rice, beans, etc.

Keto Diet Variations:

The original Ketogenic Diet provides limited protein for the growth of the body and its repair. This typical Ketogenic diet includes 4:1 ratio by the weight of fat combined with carbohydrate and protein. This can be attained by eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, pasta, bread, sugar, grains and also by increased consumption of fatty food items like butter and cream.

There are many variations of the Ketogenic diet, and the Internet is full of information about them.  However, the basic principle of the Ketogenic diet program is the consumption of large quantities of fats and proteins, while limiting the consumption of carbohydrates.

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy:

The Keto diet has been very beneficial for patients with epilepsy. Within 6 to 24 months of following the diet, 90% of seizures may be eliminated.

Keto Diet
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