Health Insurance and Weight Loss

Health Insurance and Your Weight Loss

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Your Health Insurance May Cover Your Weight Loss Program

If you are not sure whether you can get coverage on weight loss programs through a health policy, you should talk to an insurance agent regarding this.

Before you buy any health insurance policy.. and if you have health issues relating to your weight, you should be sure to get a policy which will cover these issues. There are various weight loss programs available and you should be aware which programs may easily be covered under some health insurance programs.

Weight Loss Programs Covered by Insurance:

Some of the more popular weight loss programs which are generally covered by the health insurance programs are:


If you are a member of the Weight Watchers weight loss program, you may be able to get some form of reimbursement. There are some insurance companies who offer discounts on weight loss programs if you are insured by their company. However, there are various types of criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for the discounts.


If you are a member of Optifast, you may be able to get coverage for at least some of the weight loss costs through Medicare, as well as other insurance companies. You may be able to get coverage with regard to the counseling sessions, the weight loss sessions, for costs of the tests and more.


There are other insurance companies who through their Health Rewards discount programs offer coverage for weight loss programs. If you are a part of the NutriSystem program, you may be able to get such discounts and coverage. You may be able to get discounts on the gym membership as well.


There are also health insurance companies who provide compensation directly to the weight loss chains. This is a part of most companies’ health care incentives.

As you can see, there are various options for you to get coverage and/or discounts on some of the best the weight loss programs if you get the right health insurance coverage, taking into consideration your health and weight issues.

Weight loss is considered to be a medical necessity. If you are overweight, it can also lead to increased health problems. So, nowadays most health insurance programs will cover the costs of weight loss surgeries as well as weight loss programs.

However, you should be aware of some important facts in regard to the coverage of weight loss programs. That is, even if you are able to find an insurance company who may provide coverage on the cost of different weight loss surgeries and other such benefits, you may not be able to qualify unless you have first attempted other weight loss programs.

Weight loss programs, as well as weight loss surgeries also need pre-authorization. You, as the patient will have to have participated in other certain weight loss programs under the proper supervision of a medical specialist or a doctor.

There should also be documented attempts at weight loss. While some insurance companies require you to have as little as a six month history, other insurance companies may require a one or two year history of weight loss programs.

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