Lemonade Diet for Weight Loss

Lemonade Diet

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The Original Lemonade Diet:

While the Lemonade Diet was originally designed to detoxify your body and improve elimination, the side effects of losing weight soon became apparent to the larger audience, turning the Lemonade Diet into one of the better known diets that people think of when they want to lose weight fast.

According to the stories you read online, this diet will not only improve your health, but it will help you to lose several pounds a week.  Some people claim to have lost a pound for every day they were on this diet.

In case you have never heard of this diet, it consists of you eating nothing solid for the duration of the lemonade phase, and instead you are allowed to drink water, tea and of course the special lemonade you can make at home.

The recipe for this diet is pretty straight-forward.  All you need to do is squeeze a few lemons in a jug, add some cayenne pepper and organic maple syrup before adding plenty of water. You can drink up to 2 liters of this lemonade per day for the duration of the fasting period. It is easy to understand where your weight loss is coming from.. seeing that you will be restricting your calories in a pretty extreme way.

It is possible to lose 10 pounds or even more for the duration of the Lemonade Diet, but keep in mind these pounds will be put back on quite easily once you begin eating normally again.  In order to achieve permanent weight loss you will have to be willing to make some lifestyle changes following the 14 day Lemonade Diet.

If weight loss isn’t the number one goal, why would anybody consider drinking only lemonade for 7 to 14 days, you might ask yourself.  Well the answer is pretty simple, to cleanse your body from the inside out and rid it of all the nasty toxins that can build up in your intestines over time.

It must be acknowledge there is always a place for a Master Cleanse, in any healthy eating plan, but only if you play by the rules and understand that you must pay special attention to the few days before starting a cleanse.. and the way you return back to normal eating following the cleanse.

You might feel a bit low on energy.. especially during the first few days on the Lemonade Diet, but once the initial period is over and the headaches that you experience start fading away, you will actually start feeling better than ever before.  As your body gets the chance to slowly start healing and rid itself of all the toxins, you will start noticing many positive changes.

Your skin will clear up, you will feel an energy boost, you will no longer continually feel tired.. and your body will be able to better deal with the burdens of life again.

While all the health advantages are welcomed by most people.. do understand that it takes quite an effort on your part to be able to complete the whole course of the lemonade diet.

* It is always advised to consult your doctor about your intentions of following any total detox plan.

NOTE: Personally, I found the standard Lemonade Diet difficult as the cayenne pepper bothered my stomach. Then I discovered the pills (see below).

If you have a sensitive stomach as I do.. or if you don’t care for the taste of the concoction as described above.. taking the pills makes everything much easier.

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