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Mourning the End of Skechers Shape-Ups:

I absolutely looove my Skechers Shape-Ups! The first few times I wore them.. going grocery shopping.. running errands, etc… by the end of the day I could feel that a lot of my muscles had been getting a workout.

Using modern technology to help strengthen and tone, Skechers Shape Ups helped burn calories, tone muscles and more.

The rolling bottom simulates walking on soft sand requiring you to push off with your toes. This movement results in stronger leg, back and abdominal muscles.

A lot of people couldn’t seem to get used to walking in them and filed complaints.. prompting the FTC to file a suit accusing Skechers of false advertising. It most certainly was NOT false advertising!

Nevertheless.. that was the end of Skechers Shape-Ups. After settling the lawsuit, Skechers stopped making the Shape-Ups. Now, all of us who loved those shoes are unable to get more of them all because of some people who had to whine and complain that their shoes did not live up to their unrealistic expectations.

Skechers to the Rescue:

Quite a few years ago I broke my leg while skiing. When my Orthopedic Surgeon finally removed the cast from my leg he told me to go to the beach and walk in the sand as therapy for my leg.

My husband drove me over to the beach every morning before he went to work so I could walk in the sand. You have NO idea how difficult it is to try to walk in sand when the muscles in your legs have atrophied after six months in a cast.

Fast forward several years and I was skiing down another steep slope and broke my other leg. By this time Skechers Shape-Ups had become popular. They claimed the shoes were like walking in the sand.. so I bought a pair.

Instead of driving over to the beach every morning.. I walked around my neighborhood in my Skechers Shape-Ups.. and achieved the same results. Walking in the Shape-Ups was exactly like walking in the sand at the beach.

Skechers Shape-Ups were specifically designed to strengthen core muscles in your legs, back and abdomen, giving your entire lower body some exercise as you go about your busy day!

How anyone could claim these shoes did not strengthen the muscles in their legs is beyond me.

Skechers Athletic Footwear:

Even though the Shape-Ups are no longer available.. Skechers still makes a lot of other really great athletic footwear.

Some styles still have the rounded sole under the front of the shoe.. but they have flattened out the sole on the back. Compare styles below:

Skechers Max Cushion Premier
Skechers Max Cushion Premier
Skechers Shape-Ups
Skechers Shape-Ups

The soles are still very cushy and very comfortable.. just that you no longer get the full rocking effect as you do with the original Shape-Ups. However.. there is a new model that is very close.
The new shoes are called Shape-Ups 2.0

Skechers Athletic Footwear – Check Out All the Latest Styles

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